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Known Issues of MyAccounts

Accounting for the rest of us

Version 7.1.2
  • Running consistency check will cause a fatal error. Fixed in 7.1.3
  • Cannot start a year in 2016. Fixed in 7.1.3
Version 6.4.7
  • Isolated "&" characters in  OFX files can result in problems. This is fixed in Version 6.4.8
  • Imports with $0.00 balances are now ignored.
Version 6.4.6
  • Under some circumstances, importing a QIF file can result in an endless loop. This is fixed in Version 6.4.7
  • Some reports are inaccurate if the year starts on a month other than January.
Version 6.4.5
  • To save a new file, do not use closing of the window as, despite what it suggests, this will not work. Use File > Save As ... instead. This is fixed in Version 6.4.6 with a request for a file name when the window is closed.