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Features of MyAccounts

Accounting for the rest of us

The key feature of MyAccounts is its simplicity. Everything is displayed in a single window that is easy to use with its multiple panels. Other features include:

  • Multiple windows
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Multiple categories of income and expenses (with optional budgets)
  • Special transfer category (with no budget) for movement of funds between bank accounts
  • All transactions are maintained in date order giving complete control over transaction order.
  • All data lists (accounts, categories or transactions) can be easliy re-ordered by drag-n-drop. Where needed dates are adjusted.
  • Transactions may be viewed by month, by category or a combination of month and category. This is supported by a variety of printed reports.

To speed up the entry of transactions, regular transactions can be gererated automatically either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Irregular but common transactions are assisted by the use of "defines".

To assist the migration to/from other packages, data my be imported or exported using a TAB delimited format. 

Transactions can also be imported using OFX and QIF formats.These are easily categorised "remembering" frequent previously entered transactions.