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Frequently Asked Questions

MyAccounts - Accounting for the rest of us

How do I get started?

Before you can enter any transactions, you need to have at least one account set up and at least one category:

  1. Click on New to open the NewAccount window. Enter details.
  2. Click on the Category tab to switch to viewing categories.
  3. Click on New to open the NewCategory window. Enter details.

Now in the transaction section of the main window, New will be enabled.

Note: You can revisit later the details of Accounts and Categories (and remove them if they are not used anywhere else). The only thing that cannot be changed is the starting year. To reset this to an older value, you need to close the datafile and start with a new one.


My accounts, categories or transactions are in the wrong order. What do I do?

All the data in the main window (accounts, categories and transactions) support drag-n-drop. Selecting a row of data and dragging it to a new location will move it and adjust the internal database. Then menus that use this data will show the new item order.

Dragging transactions will also adjust dates (and thus, this is a convenient way to correct dates). Dragging a transaction to a position earlier in the database will move its date forward and moving a transaction to behind a later item, will advance its date.