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How to play Cluedo Pal

A helper app to make you a better Cluedo player

Once the tool has been SetUp, pressing the Play button starts the monitoring of the real game player by all the players using a board. Each player has their turn and, unless they are in a position to make a suggestion or accusation, they will move their actors on the board and then Skip to the next player.


If a player is in  position to make a suggestion about the solution, this can optionally be recorded. If it is your suggestion, it needs to be recorded so the response can also be recorded. Otherwise use the Skip button to move to the next player.

The responses to the suggestions (if recorded) also need to be recorded. You will not be able to return to the main game display without doing so.

Recording all the suggestions (and responses) will give this tool the maximum information about the cards held by other players (and thus not be part of the solution).


Accusations (if recorded) only have two outcomes - either true or false.This leads to either the game being won or the loss of a player. If a player is lost (and it is not you), it is important that their cards are recorded.

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