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Welcome to Advanced Information Technology Services

A bit about aits

aits was formed in 2010 to provide a platform for the utilisation of the information technology skills of its founder. These were acquired over a 35 year career culminating in technologies that exploited the potential of ultra-fast broadband services between individuals and organisations.

This is combined with a long-standing interest in Apple technolgies and in particular their ground-breaking new tablet computer, the iPad. This has led to the development of some applications developed as part of a project to understand these technolgies. These are detailed in the products section of this site.


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  • Need help in understanding today's critical ITstrategic issues?
  • Would like someone to look over your plans and provide constructive  feedback?


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  • Need help in making good use of existing broadband technologies?
  • Need help in utilisation of modern inteactive and portable technologies?